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DamnWeek Does Dating!

From Nazi’s to shit-shows we’ve got a little of everything in this episode and if you’re a DamnWeek fan you will not want to miss this episode!
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Pokey the Bear

Smokey the bear has been treated multiple times for sexual addiction, but these treatments have failed to bring relief.  He has instead decided to see...
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Break the internet Marilyn monroe

Superbowl Sunday. Is Marilyn monroe a whore? Blind man uses echolocation to see. Uneven Couples Why is Josh sexist? Saved by the bell reunion, no turt...
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Hubcap Frisbee

Hi, how you doing?.. yea its’s been awhile, no I’ve just been busy with life.. it’s not you.  but… Welcome back to DAMNWEEK!!! you’re so moonie.  
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Sstupidity virus got this one.

From a guy advertising for a fake family to another man stuck in the walls of a Marshall's store, to a woman that was assaulted for putting her foot i...
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To Pee or not to pee.

DirectTV made the news this week when they upset people of the shy bladder advocacy group with their advertisement staring, Rob Lowe, as this "nerdy" ...
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Sexy Stalin

Walmart fat shaming, Honey Boo Boo's Mom pedophile rekindling, and Lake Tahoe putting a stop to bear selfie's. Starting with Walmart upsetting many pe...
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Love Finds A Way

This week we discovered where people form relationships and where they end them. Sean Johnson, met the object of his affection at his local Walmart st...
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Rapey Michelin Man

Damn it’s been another DamnWeek! This week the ebola virus has been on everyones mind as worry over it spreading has the nation gripped in fear, howev...
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