Dan and Bob Talking Sports

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Dan Kornhauser and Bobby Hundt analyze and debate current events in the American professional sports landscape.

NFL Week 2 Review

Dan & Bobby take a look back at Week 2 action in the NFL!Saints/Panthers: 2:05Bengals/Bears: 5:50Rams/Colts: 10:20Broncos/Jaguars: 17:00Texans/Browns:...
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All Ball

Dan & Bobby talk all things basketball in this episode, primarily NBA Playoffs but also major news in college basketball about a coaching legend.Celti...
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2021 NFL Draft Review

Dan & Bobby take a look back at the 2021 NFL Draft, discussing their favorite and least favorite picks by player and team.1st Round Observations: 3:31...
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Dan & Bob 2021 NFL Mock Draft

Draft day is almost here! Dan & Bob take turns making picks in this mock draft special. Bob won a best-of-3 rock paper scissors match and has chosen a...
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2021 NFL Draft Defense Preview

The guys continue their 2021 NFL Draft Preview with the defensive side of the ball. While not as star studded as the offensive side, there are a numbe...
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2021 NFL Draft Offense Preview

Draft season is upon us! With only a few days left until the 1st round of the 2021 NFL Draft begins, Dan & Bobby look at some of the top prospects on ...
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