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Less of an interview more of an interrogation. Not a conversation but an argument. We'll talk about whatever comes our way, analysing our guests answers and opinions whilst defending our own to the death.

Where do they get the funds!?

We are back. This time I (Scotland Dan) am with friend of the show (and superior Geordie) Callum Ward. Chatting about everything except the Corona Vir...
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Teasey Tasty Trailer

Welcome to Danalysis! This is a little taster of what kind of nonsense you can expect from us. Give it a listen, give us a follow and give yourself ha...
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Bland & Gluten Free

Here we go again, the final episode of series 1! We delayed releasing this one to coincide with Chinese New Year because we discuss highlights of the ...
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The Three Pronger

Greetings all! Sorry about the delay in getting this episode out, we have both been busy pretending to revise for exams. If you're a fan of this podca...
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See Me Once, Then Vote

Its just us this week, just like 4-4-2, the way it always used to be. The results of the ketchup poll are in! We also talk about the stress of air tra...
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One of those Leprechauns

Episode 5! We talk about being English in Scotland, texting and where does ketchup belong? As you can tell its a biggy!! We now have Twitter, Instagra...
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Feed Me a Carrot

Episode 4 is all about Christmas coming too soon and how we hate that Christmas now starts in October. That being said, we talk about the festive peri...
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Belfast's Biggest Flex

This week we had our first guests, Jack and Rachael, we interrogate them and find out if they know as much about each other as they think they do. Don...
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Bins, Balloons and Bountys

So, we've made it to week two! We're still a work in progress, so bear with us on the sound quality. This week we tackle some of the weeks hot topics ...
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Pilot 1 - Sound check and Ads

Welcome to the first episode of Danalysis! The audio quality will improve for the next episode, we just thought we would share this with you, so you k...
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