Dans on Fandoms

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Dans on Fandoms is a podcast where Dan and Dani discuss fandoms of all kinds. From Star Wars to Marvel, Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, and everything in between. They cover the books, movies and TV shows that make you love being a nerd.

Betrayal and Redemption

Dan and Dani discuss the season 1 finale of His Dark Materials, as well as a deep dive into the season 1 finale of The Mandalorian.  Follow Dans on Fa...
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Bear Fights and Squid Rain

Dan and Dani discuss the intense 7th episode of His Dark Materials and the fun and satisfying conclusion to Watchmen.  Follow Dans on Fandoms:  Instag...
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Hoboken and The Child

Dan and Dani discuss the third His Dark Materials, the second (extremely cute) episode of The Mandalorian, and dive into the Looking Glass-centric Wat...
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Babies, babies, everywhere!

Dan and Dani discuss lots of babies this week, from the exhilarating first episode of The Mandalorian, to the Watchmen's 4th episode, babies were a su...
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Dragons, Daemons, and Dongs

Dan and Dani discuss more (and exciting) Game of Thrones news, the first episode of HBO'S His Dark Materials, and discussion the wildness of episode t...
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Mandos, Bats, and Watches

Dan and Dani discuss news surrounding the cancelled Game of Thrones prequel, The Mandalorian's final trailer and other Star Wars news, Matt Reeves' Th...
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