Dapper and the Dame

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A podcast dedicated to mysteries and mayhem. From the paranormal to the most obscure unsolved mysteries.From true crime to Conspiracy theories

5. Not So Secret Society- Pt. 1

Do high level Freemasons run our government from behind closed doors? From Knights Templar to the infamous Illuminati, does this not so secret society...
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4. Stairway to Conspiracy

Have you ever happened upon a random staircase in the woods that seems misplaced?If it happens, would you touch it? Forest rangers have known about th...
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3. Houston, We Have a Hoax

What really happened in 1969? Did we take that one step for man and that giant leap for mankind? For decades, many have speculated that the Apollo 11 ...
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2. We'll Just Call it Hypothermia

Was it an Avalanche, the KGB or was it something or maybe even someone else? The incident is still a mystery today. Grab a beverage and join us as we ...
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