Darker Projects: Night Terrors

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You live in a land of light and warmth for a third of your life, Another third is spent in the loving embrace of the darkness. But there is a THIRD portion, seperate and distinct from the others, a land of shadow and mystery. A place where your wildest imaginings can become Night Terrors. An Anthology of Horror and Suspense from DarkerProjects.com - Audio Theater in a Darker Shade

Season 2 Commercial

Night Terrors Season 2: CommercialAn Anthology of Horror and SuspenseCommercialDuration: 0:43 - 1.3 MBComing Sunday, June 21st from the Producer of Ni...
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Roadside Castle

Two American Tourists driving between Aberdeen and Glasgow..The middle of the night... A Rainy Scottish night... And the Scottish Moors... Why does th...
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The Choice

It's a beautiful day for a walk in the park. A day full of possibilities. The only problem with so many possibilities, is that ultimately, you make ha...
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The Horror of Cardmoor Abbey

Tonight, we take you back to Edwardian England. When man's thirst to understand the natural and supernatural was at an all time high. It was on the qu...
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The Carnegie Stone

It's the year 2050 A.D., and two desperate men have just very badly bungled the robbery of a 21st century mansion. A thin, narrow-shouldered thief by ...
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The House in The Clock

Listen: Night Terrors: 01.11 The House in the Clock (23:40, 27.1 MB MP3, released 2006.09.29)Written by Paul ManneringOriginal music composed and perf...
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