Darkside Drive

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A weekly dramatic anthology series for radio, featuring stories of suspense, horror, intrugue, technology, and science-fiction. Produced at CJSW Calgary. Artwork: Tom Bagley

Voices (Live Broadcast)

ENCORE EPISODE - Kirk and Alicia are on a first date, but they are bringing more than just themselves along to the tête-à-tête.
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The Fellowship (Live Broadcast)

Mary would do anything to win the fellowship at Prometheus Lab’s for her work on the human body - a modern retelling of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein in ...
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White Noise (Live Broadcast)

Barbara is visiting her mother-in-law after the death of her spouse. While sorting old belongings, she discovers an old hobby they once shared - radio...
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Road Kill (Live Broadcast)

Ted Stark has a penchant for picking up hitchhikers, not to mention a few other unsavoury hobbies. Based on an original story by Don Roff.
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The House That Makes Us

David and his teenage daughter Freeney have found the perfect house to begin anew after a family tragedy. The home's previous residents however, have ...
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Captain Courageous

Don Watson is the famous voice of Captain Courageous, a children's radio show in the 1940's. He is soon confronted with the very nemesis his fictional...
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House Call

Dr. Flynn Cardinal is making a house call to the mysterious Sands Mansion, a home that has always captured his curiosity. There indeed is more to the ...
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The Super

Maude is making a fresh start, new apartment, new roommate. The unusual superintendent in the building seems strange at first, but as Maude learns - h...
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The Hunting Guide

Business has been slow for Gord, but his landlord Erma has a plan to bring the rent out of arrears. As fate would have it, this plan may not be as eas...
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