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Hii im dastaan ali shayari im a poetry artist and im also writing storys and now im here i hope you listen my shayari and story podcast follow me on instagram :- faizquadri_

E zindagi urdu shayari Episode 6

this poetry is based on ture love , life , struggle , pain , friendship i hope you feel this one bcz this one is all about us ...Check out my lates...

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हवाएं शायरी

यह कविता एक अकेले दिल के बारे में लिखी गई है और वह शख्स आप और हम सभी दोस्त हैं, अगर आपको कविता अच्छी लगी हो तो इसे शेयर करें।

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Duniya shayari Episode 4

This poetry has been written on today's world and its situation where people are only taking advantage of each other.

This poetry has been w...

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Naqab poetry Episode 2

Check out my latest episode! This poetry is based on my thoughts hope you love this one bcz this based on all of us...


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Episode 1

Check out my latest episode! This one poetry based on life

In this poetry im talking about life,death,failure,money, everything.....


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