Date Night China

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Your guide to dating in China, from love to lust, first dates to worst dates - hilarious stories and top tips to avoid (or steer into) disaster. This is your expat guide to dating in a foreign land.

Episode 12: The Best of Season 2!

It’s been an incredible season and it was difficult to decide what to discuss for the last episode. We wanted to remember the good times and share som...
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Episode 9: Ethical Non-Monogamy

Are nonmonogamous relationships just an excuse to sleep around? Or are there misconceptions surrounding these types of relationships? Our guest this w...
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Episode 7: New Year's Kiss

Bringing in the New Year hosts Nathan, Rachel and Eleanor hear some funny, tragic and embarrassing stories from the DNC fans. Nathan shares about the ...
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Episode 6: The All-Guy Episode!

Dick pics, best first date for a guy, sex acts and dealing with toxic masculinity - the guys discuss all this and more in DNC first all-guy episode! -...
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Episode 4: Dating A Friend’s Ex

Would you date a friend’s ex? Boitha, Rachel and Nathan discuss the very tricky situations people find themselves in when they blur friendship lines w...
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Episode 3: Catfish Me Not

Ever met a date who isn’t as they seemed online in China? Being catfished isn’t just done by looks nowadays, but also personality, morals, and demeano...
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