Daughter Knows Best: A Comedy Podcast for Parents and Kids

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Daughter Knows Best is a comedy podcast starring comedian Carolyn Castiglia and her much smarter, wiser, more sophisticated daughter, Adriana. Together they interview other parents and kids about the tragedies and triumphs of growing up.

Ep. 8: Britney is FAKE!

Carolyn and Adriana talk conspiracy theories ranging from why Wendy Williams fell on her daytime talk show to whether or not Britney Spears sings in h...
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Ep. 7: Rilla of Ingleside

Carolyn and Adriana talk about books, how to be a good reader, books, JK Rowling's charitable contributions, and more books. And more! Great episode i...
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Ep. 6: Girl Push-Ups

Carolyn and Adriana interview their friends, Kyle Ocasio and her daughter, Maya. Topics include the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Trump, wacky subway cha...
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Ep. 4: Chicken Cult

Carolyn and Adriana interview their friends and neighbors, Miranda Norris and her daughter, Durga. Topics include homeschooling, leaving New York aft...
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