David M. Green and Other Famous People

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Famous people talking about things

06 Francis Greenslade

David M. Green chats with actor Francis Greenslade about Blue Heelers, sketch comedy, insects, Winners & Losers, theatre, Adelaide and various TV show...
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05 Alan Brough

David M. Green and Michael Princi talk comedy, fridges and motion pictures with TV's Alan Brough.
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04 Tim Vine

David M. Green talks comedy with UK comic and Master of the Pun, Tim Vine.
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03 Richard Marsland

David M. Green's 2007 interview with comedy writer and radio personality Richard Marsland, recorded 11 months before Richard's death.
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02 Shaun Micallef

David M. Green chats to comedian Shaun Micallef about TV, Micallef Tonight, Welcher and Welcher, Thank God You're Here, The Logies, obsessed fans, his...
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01 Tony Martin

David M. Green chats to comedian Tony Martin about radio, comedy, Get This, The Late Show, Bad Eggs, stand up and some other things.
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