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Join siblings Luke and Emma, and maybe the occasional guest, as they undertake a quest together to take deep dives into every single Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM). Come along with us for one episode a month, plus some bonus episodes here and there, as we bear witness to the kind of chaos that probably has ol' Walt rolling in his grave.Since we are only releasing one a month, follow us on Twitter @DCOMedyPodcast so you'll know when the next episode is up!

Episode 62: The Damp Bandits

I’m not going to lie to you audience, be prepared to get deep in this month’s episode. You’d think a cute little story like The Other Me would be rela...
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Episode 59: The Off-limits Barn

Happy Halloween Everybody!! Are you ready to get spook….wait, what? It’s not Halloween? Oh good. I knew we had to take a little break from our podcast...
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Episode 58: It's Quints.

Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello! In many ways, this episode is quite different from what I’m sure anyone could have expected. Not only is it not abo...
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Episode 57: Off The Same Page

Hey there bubbly boys, gaseous girls, and those intergalactic inbetweeners; are you ready to get weird??? Not in like a super fun way or anything, sor...
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Episode 56: Dopey Bones Down

Welcome friends of villainy! This month, the time has finally come for us dive deep into one of Disney Channel’s most recent hit franchises with Desce...
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Episode 54: Rodney Pepper-Eyes

After the past year, one would have hoped this month would have started 2021 off better in the grand scheme of things. However, at least we can say we...
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