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Dead Parents Podcast is an honest discussion about parent death and grief and what it can mean to lose a parent/parents at a young age. We want to establish an accessible discussion around parent death and acknowledge that there are a lot of complicated feelings involved! Let's talk about your dead parents.

Last Episode - Steph

Trigger Warning: Abuse, suicide In the last episode of Dead Parents Podcast, Samantha sits down with Steph, whose mom died in a public way when Steph ...
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Episode 14 - Becky

Samantha Skype chats with Becky, a writer and student from Halifax, whose dad died from ALS. They talk about the difficulties that come with watching ...
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Episode 13 - Samantha Reflects

In this mini episode, Samantha looks back on how the podcast has changed her life and helped her healing process. If you're listening, thank you.
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Episode 12 - Matt

Matt's mom died when he was in his late 20s and in the midst of being in a new band. Samantha chats with Matt about how parent death can affect romant...
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Episode 11 - Miranda

Happy 2019! Samantha chats with Miranda, an artist who lost her father last year. They discuss funerals and how weird they are, how her art has helped...
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Episode 10 - Elena

We're back! Samantha Skypes with Elena and they talk about how different and sometimes difficult family dynamics become when you lose a parent. They a...
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Episode 9 - Ian and Emmy

In this FIRST EPISODE of season 2, Samantha Skypes in with Emmy and Ian. They are a sweet couple who have something huge in common: they both have dea...
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Episode 8 - Stephanya

On our season finale (!!!) Samantha sits down with Stephanya, who found the podcast via a Facebook group centered around grief. They talk about the lo...
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Episode 7 - Ashley

Samantha sits down with fellow Dead Parent Club member Ashley. Ashley, who lost both of her parents, talks about her experience with grief and how she...
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Episode 6 - Taylor

A few weeks ago Samantha received an email from Taylor, a listener from all the way in North Carolina (!!!!). Taylor is passionate about talking about...
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