Deadbeat Daughters

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Sarra and Aimy are bored and ignored, broke and woke, and oh so excited to share our voice with all of you! Tune in to find out how we manage and/or navigate through the shambles of our lives. Support this podcast:

Minisode Number 1

Sarra and Aimy missed hearing themselves talk so we bring you MINISODES! They’re just as fun as the full show but like better cause they’re shorter an...
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Episode 13: Not quite THIRTY

In this episode Sarra and Aimy impart their wisdom on our fellow deadbeats. These are the things we wish we knew before turning almost 30. --- Support...
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Episode 11: The BIG picture

If you haven’t had a chance to listen to us yet this episode is the perfect place to start. Sarra and Aimy humbly go over what makes their show so gre...
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