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Dear Dad podcast is a platform to help and motivate others to express their thoughts, feelings, love and well wishes not only for your own father but a chance to talk about fatherhood.


From the moment I became a dad, my fear of the world started changing. I started to think more about what might happen to my family if I am gone. What...
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To All First Time Dads

When I first became a dad, I made a lot of mistakes. I wish someone would pull me aside and told me what I was getting myself into. Here are some tips...
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Sickle Cell Trait

From an early age, I was told I have the Sickel Cell trait. I was told countless times to be careful of who I have kids with and certain activities I ...
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Love Your Hugs

If I were ever to find myself on the side of the road, with a flat tire, I know I would be ok. Because, my dad taught me not only how to change a tire...
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Understanding Myself Through You

After the terrible loss of his son, Anthony Brown had to redefine who he was. The expectation and the hope of being a new dad had to dye as well. He w...
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Season 3 Wrap-Up

I want to thank all my guests for coming through and sharing their journey of parenthood, their journey of dad hood. Please enjoy a few snippets of se...
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Empowering Others

In my journey in life, I have learned True Succes is when my successors succeeded. Mike is a man that wears many hats but doesn't stop his momentum fo...
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Standing Strong

I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for the things my dad have instilled in me from a very young age Guest: Daniel Marcellus
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You Are Missed Greatly

My dad was a man of three things: He loved God, He loved his family and he was passionate about Christian education. Guest: Maurice Ojwang Jr
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