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Asalamualaikum! This podcast is dedicated to tackling many social issues directed at the youth & Young Adults from around the globe from an Islamic Perspective. Our podcast team consists of Muslim Young adults working to bringing solutions to social challenges through the righteous way of Islam. We bring video-blogs, podcasts, instructional designs, and announcements on a monthly basis that interest you! Insha'Allah we hope to inspire our subscribers to learn more about Islam on topics that impact us all! Speak up, Shout Out, & make our Deen #1. Subscribe Now & Share with your Friends

Episode: 8: Should Muslims Vote?

BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT VOTING, LISTEN TO  THIS PODCAST!   Let me ask you a few questions: Do you know what voting in the democratic elections means, f...
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Episode 3: "Holidays for Who?"

This week begins the "Holiday Season". Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are on the horizon and pretty much everyone is gearing up to celebrate, ...
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