Dentists, Implants and Worms

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Dentists, Implants and Worms: Helping you navigate the world of dentistry— one vodka-soda at a time! We're not your average dental podcast. Join Dr. Justin Moody in Rapid City's Podcast Studio 1-A every week with a variety of personalities joining him as co-hosts— the impeccable Gabe Olson and the Renaissance Millennial, Jeffrey Alan Smith! Dr. Justin Moody invites dozens upon dozens of his colleagues, mentors and inspirations in the world of dentistry. We interview them live via Skype and/or in the Studio. We are unfiltered and have no format— just good, honest conversation and a whole lot of Fireball.

Episode 249 - A Lil Rusty

Drs. Steven Vorholt, Randy Houska and Michelle Caldwell are joined by Rusty Fitton. Rusty Fitton, a brand new mentor on his first visit as faculty to ...
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Episode 246 - Getting Sedated

 Drs. Steven Vorholt and Randy Houska take the helm to chat with the McGues. Dr. Brian McGue is the owner of McGue Dental, a practice in Chesterton, I...
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Episode 245 - The PODCAST TAKEOVER

Erin asked "Hey Chris - can we take over the podcast studio?" ... How do you say no to Erin Elliott?!... you don't!   This incredible group of docs ca...
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Episode 244 - Keep It Simple

When 3 friends jump in the booth and talk about credit card roulette, woke, and a little philosophy about dental CE... it's always a good time.   Mood...
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