Denver Jamgrass

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Archival record of jamgrass and bluegrass music performed in the Denver and greater Colorado scene.

Armchair Boogie

Armchair Boogie live at the Driftless Music Gardens COVID concert series in Hillsboro, WI. This band was our biggest and favorite surprise at Blue Ox ...
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The Lonesome Days

The Lonesome Days live at Swallow Hill Music in Denver, CO on 11/2/2019. Justin Hoffenberg was on fiddle this night and Wood Belly opened the show. Th...
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The Wooks

These boys are the real deal with a Rockygrass Band Competition win and years of touring under their belt. This Kentucky-based band was a joy to captu...
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Highland Ramblers

Denver's own Highland Ramblers, live from the patio at Cervantes Masterpiece Theater. This show was recorded by Kirk Hubbard on August 22, 2019 a...
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Billy Failing Band

Billy Failing Band live at Cervantes Other Side on August 8th, 2019. Billy had an amazing pickup band including Tyler Grant (guitar), Joe Lessard (Fid...
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Wood & Wire

Wood & Wire live at Cervantes Other Side in Denver, CO. This show was recorded 2/28/2020 by Kirk Hubbard and the episode was produced by Max Paley. Pi...
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Bottlerocket Hurricane

Bottlerocket Hurricane live at Globe Hall in Denver, CO. They were supporting Molly Tuttle that evening. This show happened the same week as Winter Wo...
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Songs from the Road Band

Songs from the Road Band with audio from their show at Cervantes Other Side on Wed, February 19th, 2020. Laney Lou and the Birddogs from Bozeman, MT o...
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Kansas City's own Grassfed! This power trio features a pair of brothers and Yosemite Cam on bass. This show as recorded by the Denver Jamgrass te...
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