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A podcast from Liquud documenting the journey of finding intention and purpose in making or doing things that you're passionate about. Hosted by Luke Fabricatore

Eight // Reacting to Old Websites

Before the current version of, we worked on 5 other redesigns between 2016 and 2018. In this unique episode of Designedly, follow along as ...
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Seven // The 368 Story

A little less than a year ago, Luke embarked on a journey to create a brand design for a newer 368. In this episode, he explains the intention behind ...
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Five // LFT Brand

Luke Fabricatore founded Liquud and hosts Designedly, but he also attempts to run a tech channel on YouTube. Even when Luke Fabricatore Tech (LFT) sta...
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Four // V1

We recently announced a huge design overhaul to our website. In order to move forward, however, we must first understand the past. In this episode of ...
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