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Software Developers talking about what matters to us

GitHub Under New Management

Microsoft's purchase of GitHub has raised a lot of questions. How do we feel about the modern Microsoft? Is our source safe* ? What does this mean for...
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Metrics That Matter

In this episode, James, James, David and Kevin discuss metrics and their impact on development teams. The team covers the unintended consequences of m...
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We're Back!

After an extended holiday break, we're back! Kevin and the James's recap what we've been up to since the last episode, and promise more to come in the...
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All About Testing

Software testing is what divides good developers from great ones. Join Kevin, the James’s and David as we talk about some of our favorite test strateg...
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Docker, Docker, Docker

In this episode of Devs Talking, the James’s and Kevin discuss application containers in general, and deep dive into Docker. We discuss the basic conc...
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Meet the Team

In the first episode of Devs Talking, get to know Kevin, James and James as we talk a bit about what has impacted us the most in the last few years.
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