Dewey Defeats Truman

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In which two white guys of varying sexualities give you the political perspectives you didn't ask for, but are here for enjoyment anyway.

Going Forward | December 30, 2020

Ian and Brennan cap off 2020 with a surprise new show about what the future may look like. Topics covered: General Election (4:30), Special Elections ...
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Likely Vooters | August 6, 2020

Penultimate “normal” show (0:00), NY AG looks to dismantle the NRA (4:06), Trump had a hilariously bad interview with AXIOS (37:16), Twitter put Trump...
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Stan's Soapbox | May 10, 2020

Star Wars and "Balance" (0:00), Cuomo may extend PAUSE through June 7th, possibilities different for Upstate (18:54), Joe promises to nominate black w...
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