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The only podcast exclusively about user experience professionals in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. We talk about usability, interface design, user research, and anything else that comes to mind. Part of the local ux network.

Episode 5: Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan talks about the Big Design Conference, synergies between the gaming and film industries, working at the Sabre Human Factors lab, how us...
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Episode 4: Adam Polansky

Adam Polansky talks about his winding career toward managing a team of information architects, the true meaning of innovation, the changing landscape ...
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Episode 3: Caleb Jenkins

Caleb Jenkins talks about why an Agile coach cares about UX, checking tickets at an amusement park, and the futility of trying to use two promo codes....
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Episode 2: Kevin Shumacher

Kevin Schumacher talks about design in the travel industry, being "half a developer", UX for desktop vs. Web vs. mobile, and not being sued by a Germa...
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Episode 1: Roger Belveal

Roger Belveal talks about Agile software development, how you know if you're a UX designer, and other fascinating topics. Hosted by Ben Judy.
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