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We're drunk. We talk about stuff and try to make it funny. That's about it, enjoy.

Septuple Puss

Stinging nettles, Fishing stories, mountain lions, edibles, Ray Liotta, Carny Games, Sopranos, Meat Raffles, ATM problems, Method Acors, Dave Chappell...
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On a Molecular Level

baby talk, The Many saints of Newark,  Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, movie suggestions, halloween costumes, Past halloweens, whats this sound, u...
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This is CUMbersome

dogs, krill, bodybuilders, corn digestion, fruit tiers, seeded grapes, concord, time zones, Ryder Cup, old man bedtimes, dog the bounty hunter, Brain ...
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1/3 Burger

weight loss, woke comedy, day jobs, josh potter, white trash pools, hot moms, bills tailgate, jury duty, jared from subway, private investigator, pizz...
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Pu Pu Platter

covid pricing, DBZ, Golf, PGA, Travel, SnowBoarding, Fishing, The Enviiorment, Space Travel, Gabby Petito, True Crime, Brian Laundrie, Justical System...
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Grim Reaper-cussions

concerts, crowd surfing, mosh pit etiquette, bulking season, dreams, snoring, Harris' trips on a tank full, puppy party, bills game, fans psychology, ...
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Gettin' Brain

Nasa, legal weed, stealing, puppy problems,  drones, bull riding,  worlds deepest pool, international bridges, drunk uncle,  cougars,  sunflowers, dan...
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Weddings, Old Money, Fast Food, Womens Clothes, Meat, Legal Weed, Fantasy Football, NFL, Buffalo Bills, Afghanistan, geopolitics, undiscovered tribes,...
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Ron Jeremy did it

nut measurements , movie nastagal, weekend parting, beer tent season continued, track suits, camping trip, Robots, public land hunting, young actors, ...
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Rattlin' Bog

Boating, Fishing, Hiking, Cancel Culture,  Hitch Hikers, Recovery, Annapolis Maryland, Vacation,  Game Shows, Dating Shows, Arcade Games, PinBall, Onl...
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