Differences Show

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A conversation where two people figure out how they differ. Or not.

8: The Whores

It’s a wrap, y’all! This is the final episode of the Differences Show – or is it? Have a listen!  For our final episode we chat ON LOCATION from beaut...
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6: It All Comes Back to Economics

Tempers flare as Jp and Dave debate the value of education in a crazy, crazy world. Relevant links for the adventurous: Human Capital Theory Signallin...
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4: Not Clad at All People

Our handsome and thoughtful duo discuss what they like about television, past and present. Relevant links: Breaking Bad Heroes Spin-offs Better Call S...
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3: Semi-flaccid Abs

In our perpetual quest for seeking out differences we discuss fitness goals. Talking points: Calories in a Pepsi 2 liter Detroit Free Press Marathon H...
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2: A Thought Physicist

In our second episode Dave does way too much talking as Jp and Dave discuss dream jobs and career aspirations. Big Bang Theory: TV Sheldon Cooper The ...
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0: We’re Starting the Show

The glorious iTunes machine requires we have an episode zero to make sure all is right with the world.  This is that. Hear the very first bits of the ...
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