Dig With Yasi Salek

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Host Yasi Salek talks to creative people about process, tools, tips, and stuff her therapist says.

Ep 5: Bethany Cosentino

Yasi talks with musician Bethany Cosentino of the band Best Coast  doing what feels right, no matter what, how self actualization makes your capacity...
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Ep 4: Tasbeeh Herwees

Yasi talks with writer Tasbeeh Herwees  about how growing up as “the other” can impact your creative voice, being typecast in your career,  how high s...
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Ep 3: Hether Fortune

Yasi talks with musician, writer, and visual artist Hether Fortune about what to do when inspiration strikes at inconvenient times, how implementing a...
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Ep 2: Jessica Hopper

Yasi talks with writer, editor, and critic Jessica Hopper about how fandom can give life to your writing, the freedom of not being concerned with genr...
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Ep 1: Jerry Hsu

Yasi talks with skateboarder and photographer Jerry Hsu about the role of creativity in skateboarding, how most of photography is failure, how he acci...
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