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Social media and digital marketing news. Each week Will and Andrew talk about the newest changes in social media and digital marketing – and how those changes can affect small businesses and their online marketing efforts. This quick-hit type show covers Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Google, YouTube and more each episode. Join us to learn what the newest additions, changes and updates are to all the social platforms that you use to promote your business and engage your customers.

DigiKnow Episode 94

Episode 93 talks about how to Ranking Locally. Featuring Andrew McCauley (@andymac71) and Will Hanke (@redcanoemedia) Topic Discussed I. Ranking Local...
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DigiKnow Episode 93

Episode 93 features about link building, how to do it properly, where to hire someone for this job and where to find influencers and bloggers to conne...
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DigiKnow Episode 92

Episode 92 features Facebook's email marketing tools, Google's discovery ads global availability and google search made easier with snippets highlight...
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DigiKnow 90

Episode 90 features Facebook's new marketing tools for business pages, Google's discovery ads and it's new featured snippets to find what you're looki...
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DigiKnow 89

Episode 89 features Trump's Executive Order against social media companies, Instagram's monetization and revenue options for Instagram Live, Tiktok's ...
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DigiKnow 88

Episode 88 features Facebooks' acquisition of Giphy, it's new e-commerce platform and it's rollout of Shops, Chrome's new update focus on privacy and ...
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DigiKnow 87

Episode 87 features Instagram and Facebook's rolled out more features to help small and midsized businesses, McDonald's marketing plan as their dining...
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DigiKnow 86

Episode 86 features Facebook's Messenger Room to compete with Zoom, the removal of LinkedIn from Google's Index, and Tinder's plan to add video dating...
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DigiKnow 85

Episode 85 features Tiktok's Donation Stickers for Organizations providing  Covid-19 relief, Instagram also allows raising fund via Live, Amazon is wa...
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