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Digital Nerdage is a podcast about all things nerdy. Comics and video games are our passion, but all things nerd get us going.

Episode 109

We talk about Disney Plus, we have some discussion around The Mandalorian(Here there be spoilers up to episode 2), Lizzo ruin a fans life(maybe), Core...
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Episode 108

Our newest episode is live. We talk about Grand Rapids Comic Con, Pokemon Sword and Shield, SpaceX and more!
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Episode 107

We talk quite a bit about the new Star Wars trailer, WWE2k20 and the legend of the glitch, and so much more!
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Episode 106

This week we talk about the amazing voice cast behind Source Point Press‘ new animated series Franklin and Ghost, Ryan Reynolds’ new movie, a rotting ...
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Episode 105

We’re BAAAAACK! Check it out! We tackle some trending news items, Corey jumps on his Soapbox and we send Michelle to her Science Corner! Check out all...
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Episode 104

Michelle’s dream has come true and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower is on the big screen. Hear Michelle’s spoiler-free review at the top of the show. We ...
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Episode 103

We are all back together again!!!!!!!!!! And just in the nick of time. We are talking all about the wonderful things we learned at this years San Dieg...
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Episode 102

We are back after a long absence! Sorry for that folks! We are talking about the new Star Wars Land at Disneyland and Disney World. Among so many othe...
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Episode 101

  I am very sorry for the lateness on this episode. Cherry Capital Comic Con really threw my timing off something awful. This episode is the live pane...
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Episode 100!

  Holy Crap…we made it. Episode 100!!!! I never expected we would be able to do this and I can’t thank Corey and Michelle enough for putting up with m...
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