Dining Room Histories -

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Which historical figure would you most want to dine with? Marina and Amr answer this question, and share the riveting biographies of their dining companions.

16 - Cajun-al Friday

We’re back from hiatus and boy do we have some fun ones for you this week. Our guests are a former journalist turned studio exec with a knack for fixi...
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No new episode this week. We're taking a short break but we have an exciting announcement for when we get back.
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15 - Tea Time

This week we change things up a bit to announce our new minisodes. Tea Time Tales will be short episodes where we each tell an interesting mini histor...
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14 - Borscht on Toarscht

Our guests this week are full of surprises! One is an accomplished doctor whose autopsy caused quite a stir amongst English officials, and the other i...
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13 - A Pickle for the No-ing Ones

Just no. This week our guests are a psychoanalyst for troubled companies who will get your head spinning and a man so spectacularly incompetent that A...
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12 - Tosser Salad

There’ll be some horsing around this week. Our guests are an exquisite exemplar of equine expertise and a con-man so audacious he essentially operated...
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11 - Dolphin Parmigiana

It’s a wild one, folks! This week’s guests are an out-of-this-world scientist with a fondness for dolphins, and a beguiling Italian noblewoman who cha...
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10 - The Spotted Decasode

What a pleasant goddamn dinner party! This week’s episode features two well-mannered guests. One is a dedicated patriot who some consider to have been...
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9 - Naked Lunch

Heads Up: This week we talk about extreme racial violence and addiction. Our guests this week are a 14-year old with a tragic story who gave strength ...
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