Dirty Erotica

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That Kind of Date

Getting aroused in public is sure challenging for some. Well, not for Brigette! You might want to reconsider this kind of date and give her a shot. Tu...
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Case Closed!

Have you ever thought of using your body for your own advantage? Well, be like Caroline in this podcast as she definitely rules over officer Brian. Ge...
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Wet Welcuming

Welcome parties are always one of the most memorable parts of joining a new group or organization. Get ready for some surprise and fun as our characte...
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The Ideal Costume

Wear the costume of your own preference like our character, Victoria, as we will get another sexy performance in this week’s episode. Sit back, relax,...
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Wildest Creatures

Are you up for something new? Listen to this week’s episode and join our Janna and Charity as they engage into the most extreme horny feeling ever we ...
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Playful and Punishable

Some punishments are painful. It may affect the emotional, mental, or commonly, the physical aspect of the person. Well, at least not for this episode...
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Shopping Spree

Indeed, getting aroused considers no place nor timing. Anywhere could be a perfect spot to hit the jackpot. In this episode, get your senses ready as ...
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Climactic Curiosity

Do you still remember the first time you get curious about sex? In this episode, we will have a coming of age sexy story of two girls getting curious ...
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The Graduation Gift!

You’ll never imagine the sexiest graduation gift until you listen to this week’s episode. In this racy podcast, we will have a school girl getting her...
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