Dirty Pop

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Dirty Pop is a podcast series highlighting current events in the entertainment industry with new music, hot takes, and interviews. Let's get down and dirty.

Closing Time

The time has come for the LAST EPISODE of Dirty Pop! Join Elise and her co-host Jazmine as they close out the podcast series with The Good, The Bad, a...
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Dragon Energy Q&A

Elise answers questions submitted by her listeners and has some fun discussions about life after graduation, the future of the music industry, and Kan...
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Collect Fees, Pass Go

In this episode, Elise dives into an exposé published by the New York Times at the beginning of the month detailing complaints against Live Nation for...
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In this episode, Elise and her co-host Jackie chat about Logic's new mixtape, Katy Perry and the American Idol Reboot, and the controversy surrounding...
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Gifted and Talented

Elise and Artist Manager Theo Feldman chat about Janelle Monae, Fergie, and Ryan Seacrest. Also, an interview with Theo about what it's like being an ...
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A Clean Episode?

In this episode, Elise and her co-host Jack discuss the Black Panther Soundtrack, The Olympics, and Justin Timberlake's poorly executed album and Supe...
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WELCOME TO THE FIRST OFFICIAL EPISODE OF DIRTY POP! WE'RE GLAD YOU COULD MAKE IT...In this episode, Elise and her co-host Jaymie dish out the Good, th...
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