Disagree to Agree with Sam and Noah

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This is a show where two college students– a democrat and a republican– talk about current events in the news and debate the controversy surrounding them. We talk about both sides of every argument so you can form your own opinion. We tell you what's going on, and you decide what to think.

How's the Country Doing?

We're back this week after figuring out the logistics of podcasting remotely. We're talking about Trump again- quality content. We're also talking abo...
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Are We All Gonna Die?

This week we're talking about the Corona Virus and the Democratic Race. We welcome Special Guest Sabrina Hansen to give her our view of the world. Als...
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Is Russia Interfering Again?

How bad can the Corona Virus get? What does the Nevada Caucus mean for the race? What about South Carolina? Is Russia all up in our business again?
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Can You Buy the Presidency?

This week we're talking about the roast of Mike Bloomberg, AKA the 9th democratic debate. We cover the downfall of the Boy Scouts and its consequences...
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Is Climate Change Real?

This week we're talking about the New Hampshire primary, the winners, and the losers. Trump is at it again; this time, he fired two staff members as r...
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Who Won the Iowa Caucus?

This week we're going to review what went wrong with the Iowa Caucus this year and what it means for the candidates and New Hampshire. We're talking a...
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Who Even is John Bolton?

Today we're talking about the Iowa caucus, what it is, why it's important, and if it should even be a thing. We'll talk about why John Bolton is relev...
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Should We Impeach Trump?

In this episode we dive into what impeachment even is, why we're impeaching Trump, and how we're doing it. How is this all going to turn out?
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Should The US Police the World?

California is doing their own census, but at what cost? Tensions are escalating with Iran. Is it enough to start a World War? Australian Fires have be...
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