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From the Children's and Student Ministries of Battlefield Baptist Church, DiscipleTips is designed to give you one place where you can learn tips for discipling the kids and teenagers in your life.

Honesty - DTP005

In this episode, Colby, Beth, and Travis discuss the various definitions of honesty, how our culture has gotten to a place of promoting dishonesty, an...
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Friendships - DTP004

In this month's episode, Colby Corcoran and Travis Owens talk about friendships in the context of discipling your kids or teenagers. Referenced Articl...
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Spiritual Modeling - DTP003

This month, we wanted to highlight a sermon that Travis Owens, our Student Ministry Director, preached last year on Spiritual Modeling, which is reall...
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Idol Worship - DTP002

In this episode, Colby, Beth, and Travis discuss Idol Worship by looking at its definitions, how it usually is seen in families, and practical thought...
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Proper Use of Technology | DTP001

In this episode, Colby, Beth, and Travis talk about the proper use of technology when it comes to kids and teenagers, such as guidelines and restricti...
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