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Blameless, Part 14

Chapters 9 and 10 of the book of Job are job's response to the accusations leveled against him. He is again left in anguish, and realizes how badly he...
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Blameless, Part 13

In this week's message, we see Jobs friend Bildad take his turn at accusing without really knowing. This is a trap many of us fall into today.
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Blameless, Part 12

Eliphaz' careless approach with job causes him to wonder aloud why God would even bother with someone so insignificant.
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Blameless, Part 11

This week we see Job's response to the speech that his friend Eiphaz gave. Words that should have been encouraging create only frustration for Job.
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Blameless, Part 10

In this week's message, we see Eliphaz continuing to dispense his idea of wisdom, but he is missing one key ingredient needed to make his words truth.
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Blameless, Part 9

Following job's painful outburst, the first of his good friends steps in to offer their own wisdom on his situation.
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Blameless, Part 8

In this week's message, job again lashes out in pain, completely losing sight of God, and questioning his very existence!
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Blameless, Part 7

In chapter 3 of The book of job, we see a man pushed to his breaking point, and he cries out in anguish, but not for the reasons that you might imagin...
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Blameless, Part 6

The arrival of job's three friends was a time of great comfort for him, unfortunately, it wouldn't last.
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