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Join best friends/mortal enemies Stevie and Bailey on their adventures into the unknown. In this podcast we’ll investigate the urban legends, misconceptions and old wives tales you never questioned...but probably should.

16. Safety Reversed

Today in our season finale, we take you down memory lane. Revisiting the nostalgic and nearly fatal toys & activities of our youth.. and wonder how we...
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15. Halloweenies

What's orange, smutty, scary, & gonna keep you awake all night? It's our Halloween episode! (It's not actually scary though - we promise)
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14. It's Disney, Bitch

This week we talk about the origin stories of a couple of badass women and try answer the question: Do their Disney incarnations do them justice?
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13. ur 20s irl

This episode it's all about 'adulthood' expectation vs reality...we discuss our misguided concepts of what our 20s would look like & mostly discover w...
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12. Folklore - for Kids!

This week we explore the curious tales of morality we’re told as malleable youths... and try figure wth parents are thinking teaching their kids this ...
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