Disney Channel Original Groupies

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Join Jackie and Rebecca as they unpack the greatest genre known to cinema: Disney Channel Original Movies.


Vroom Vroom. Andy and Andy. Motocrossed and Supercrossed. Join us on this journey of discovering the career of a one Motocrossed superstar as she pave...
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Episode 52: Cloud 9

A Dove Cameron stan sesh! We catch up on everything Disney that happened between December/January, discuss Ashely Tisdale's ~impact~ on modern DCOMs a...
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Episode 51: The Scream Team

WHAT OTHER PODCAST RELEASES A HALLOWEEN EPISODE DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON? We do :)In classic us fashion we are so late but are STILL committed to rel...
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Episode 50: Radio Rebel

We had to do it for y'all! In celebration of our 50th episode (not a remarkable feat for a 3 year old podcast but just give us this), we've decided to...
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Episode 49: The Cheetah Girls 3

Is it possible that there was one too many Cheetah Girls movies?! After contending this for an hour we decide that the answer is probably yes. Listen ...
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Episode 48: The Cheetah Girls 2

Amigas Cheetahs wuh? After a LONG deep dive into the current state of the Cheetah Girls' IRL friendship woes, we dive right into the long-awaited sequ...
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Episode 47: The Cheetah Girls

Break glass in case of emergency! We're here to bless your quarantines with the highly anticipated Cheetah Girls. It's so important that Rebecca had t...
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Episode 46: Alley Cats Strike

Happy quarantining! As a gift from us to you, after two months of radio silence we are (after much anticipation) releasing an episode we recorded a mo...
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Episode 45: Freaky Friday

This movie is so bad but you have to listen to this ep because Coach Bolton sent Jackie a personal message!!!!! Besides that, sorry to disappoint but ...
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Episode 44: You Wish!

Ho Ho Ho y'all! We're back with a (non-holiday, just holiday-adjacent) ep full of Pure Lalaine Content™ to get you through your break. You Wish! is a ...
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