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Djon starts on this journey of recorded his thoughts with his friends and family. From politics, music and everyday conversions that happen randomly. FYI, Subject matter will change and be very inconsistent because nothing in life will every stay the same. True Story. Facts.

Respects Due #1 The Producers

   In This episode…. Djon and Paulo talk about Hip-Hop and Rap, focusing the conversation on the producers and they have not only influcenced the genr...
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TC#3 Please Don't Fire Us #2

   This episode is a continuation from the last. It is a show and tell of artist that have caught the ears of our host Djon and guests Daniel and Just...
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Please Don't Fire Us #1

Djon, Daniel and Justin take controversial subjects that are determined by our boss to be taboo and put them on the internet where they belong!  --- S...
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Life As We Know It #1

Life As We Know It #1. Djon and Beezer get drunk and take a trip down memory lane.... --- Send in a voice message:
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