Don’t Touch My Kymah!

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Dealing with Childhood Trauma

Warning ⚠️ My eyes got blurry with tears while preparing for this & my heart broke over & over as I recognized some things. I’m doing this for those o...
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Dilemmas x Choices

So you’re in your 20s yeah? Okay, so here’s 5 relatable dilemmas we all have faced at one point or the other & the “dark” choices we may have to make....
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Friendship in Disguise

Aka Weray dey Disguise! Hey You, did you miss me? No? Ugh, never mind that. I’m here again with something that affects all of us regardless of gender....
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Podcast Takeover with Dayo (01)

On today’s episode, my friend Dayo takes over the reins of my podcast & I become the interviewee? I’d like to maintain that I SAID WHAT I SAID & that’...
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An Episode About Mango? read right. This is an episode about mangoes & the role genotype plays in relationships but yeah Mango? --- Send in a voice message: https:/...
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Age Disparity in Relationships

“Sugarbaby”, “Sugardaddy”, “Gigolo”, “Old Cargo”, “Gold Digger” etc are a part of the many words used to describe people in relationships with older o...
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Check In + Random Ramble

This is me checking in & testing the mic I abandoned months ago. --- Send in a voice message:
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Date Outside Your Spec!

Everyone has things they look out for in a partner before getting into a relationship but how about you shelve those & open yourself to other people i...
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Insensitive much?

It’s been a tough year, be nicer to people. There’s a lot that’s left unsaid & judging from outside is just plain wrong
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