Dope Convo

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Each week there will be a discussion about dope topics, with dope people, for dope people. Hosted by (Lingisdope) Dymond. So have a few laughs, chill out, and enjoy yourself. Stay dope! Support this podcast:

Legalize it

Today’s episode is about legalizing that green stuff?. So if you partake or even if your just interested in it. Please tune in to today’s podcast. And...
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What is Beauty

So this episode is about beauty. Inside and out. So if your interested let’s hurry up and jump in lol. Sorry about the wait as well. But I’m back like...
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Stay motivated..!!!

If you are slacking in motivation. Listen to this weeks episode. It might actually help you out and get you going. Try out some of these tips and tric...
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It’s Nostalgic Baby

This weeks episode is just a nostalgic episode. I will be going through different things that I remember growing up as a 90's kid from toys to fashion...
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Customer Service Sux

Working in customer service is not the best, unless you’re into it. Lmao. People are rude, they don’t pay enough, and they over work you. So let’s tal...
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Life of a Shorty

Are you short..? So am I. This weeks episode is about being short. So for all you vertically challenged individuals out there. I totally understand an...
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