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Episode 268 – Raiding

This week, we’re talking about raiding in video games. Charles has completed the Leviathan raid alongside some of his friends in Destiny 2. Jon has be...
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Episode 267 – New Game

As we enter week 97 of quarantine… We’ve been playing some new (sometimes just new to us) games to keep our sanity and social lives going. From Charle...
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Episode 266 – Binge-worthy

After a week fraught with technical difficulties, the site is back and we’re putting out a new podcast! This time around, we’re talking about some bin...
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Episode 264 – The Return

After years (months? who knows?) of being on hiatus, we’re back with a BRAND NEW EPISODE for your listening pleasure. And it only took me a week to fi...
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Episode 263 – Catching Up

We’ve been running a bit behind in the last few weeks and we’re catching up. This week, we talk about Luna: The Shadow Dust, Wolfenstein: Youngblood, ...
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Episode 260 – DEEEER Simulator

Dorkadians, this week is going to make no real sense. In the show notes, we have a number of subreddit suggestions for listeners looking for regular c...
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