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Follow us as we discuss our perspectives about this crazy world that we live in. New episodes weekly.

Ep. 161 l Itz Spooky Szn

On this weeks episode: The squad recaps the "Down in the Basement Podcast" Block Party, Simon talks about how he was forced into Amazon Prime, Ant bri...
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In The Mind Of: The OutdoorABG

OutdoorABG: Asian Backpacking Girl Imagine picking up and leaving everything behind to go on an endless adventure… Now stop imagining because that’s e...
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Ep. 160 l Neighbors From Hell

On this weeks episode: Ant returns back to the stu after his trip and talks about the craziness on his Seattle trip! The boys gather yet again to disc...
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Ep. 159 l If You Slip, You Sip

On this weeks episode: Ricky and Simon take the reigns of the podcast while Ant is on PTO (Paid Thursdays Off). In order to keep our cuss words to a m...
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On this weeks episode: Ricky geeks out about the new Spiderman trailer, defending your pets, Simon gives a PSA regarding the recent milk crate challen...
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Ep 157 l Only Bans

On this weeks episode: The squad gets together yet again to battle out stances on favorite movie series, Anthony breaks it down on what he does during...
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Ep 156 l Vaxx on, Vaxx off

On this weeks episode: Simon recalls on the Bear vs. Gorrilla debate after a video that went viral, Ricky discusses his Pro Choice vs. Mandatory Vacci...
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Ep. 155 l Good Wolf vs. Bad Wolf

On this week's episode: Simon follows up with a commitment made in the previous episode.. Topics include the extreme advancement of robotics....and ou...
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