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Downloadable Content is a general gaming podcast made by everyday gamers for gamers, whether you're a hardcore gamer or a casual one, or whether you've been playing for decades or days. Hosts Brian French and Ron Goldie invite anyone to join in to discuss and debate topics relevant to video games and the gaming industry at large. Want to participate? Check out our website at dlcpodcast dot com and check out upcoming recordings. NOTE: we are in no way affiliated with Penny Arcade's podcast of the same title. Updates occasionally.

Episode S11E2: For Love of Money

In this episode, we talk about the video game industry's new lovers: crypto, blockchain, and NFTs, and why the big developers are pushing ahead with t...
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Episode S11E1: Welcome to Baron!

Apparently we just couldn't stay away. It's a fresh start, and a fresh format. DLC is now a live monthly Twitch show! Be sure to follow us on Twitch t...
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Episode S10E13: Still Going Fast

On our 8th episode of DLC, we did our very first retrospective episode, talking about Sonic the Hedgehog as the franchise turned 20. It seems only fit...
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Episode S10E10: Free Play

In our second Free Play of 2020, we talk PS5, Persona 5, A Link Between Worlds, re-classifying video games, and how season/battle passes are replacing...
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Episode S10E9: New Shinies

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X releasing in two weeks, we take a side-by-side look and see what we got right and wrong in our prognosticating, and giv...
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