Dreamers and Unicorns 2.0

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Dreamers and Unicorns is a weekly podcast that demystifies Dreamers & Unicorns. A startup is a Dreamer. They grow up to be Unicorns. But every Dreamer does not become a Unicorn. Most Unicorns die before becoming Market Shapers. Abhijit Bhaduri is a leadership coach and the author of the new book ‘Dreamers and Unicorns’ who talks to those who take the road less travelled. This is an HT Smartcast Original.

6: The Mae in Maed In India

Mae Thomas - presenter, podcaster, music fiend, founder of Maed in India and lover of all things weird, alternative and abnormal - uncovers with autho...
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3: The Multiple Choices of Joy

Meet Joy Bhattacharjya, who remains a curious learner to this day. Discover how his interest in history, science, literature, and films informed his c...
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