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Episode 023 - Welcome to 2021

In this week's episode Joe sits down with Thomas and discusses being a dad, working out and updates for the new year. Plus, get a review of the new Wo...
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Episode 020 - The More You Know

Monica and Joe are back in this weeks episode and talk about getting back to the gym, mental health and overall wellness. Joe also drops some tips on ...
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Episode 018 - #TTP

In this weeks episode Monica and Joe sit down to talk about rest and recovery. They also talk about the method behind the madness in programming and t...
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Episode 015 - We Are Back!!

In this episode Monica and Joe talk about opening the gym back up with the new regulations and protocols they put in place. They also get into balanci...
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Episode 014 - Checking In

In this weeks episode Monica and Joe sit down to discuss gyms that are opening in other states, the stay at home order and what they have been doing t...
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