Drunk on Spirit

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Drunk on Spirit offers a fresh take on spirituality to make life better, every damn day. My name is Sohail Coelho, artist, healer, coach, hedonist and adventurer. I'll definitely laugh, maybe cry, and just generally share way too much information that will make my parents cringe. I want to evolve how we perceive spirituality - away from spiritual perfectionism that suffocates our choices, towards a knowing of our spiritual origin and that when we surrender to it, life gets richer. This podcast will cover how to see everything as spiritual, to free ourselves to play in life, to reinterpret spirituality, to understand our limitless nature, to navigate challenges like self-doubt and loneliness, to flow through life transitions, to adventure, to deepen relationships, and to juice the hell out of life.

An Evening Turndown

Enjoy this soothing guided journey to come home to ourselves. Imagine creating a space within yourself to relinquish the needs and the demands of the ...
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S2E17 Come Be Nothing At All

Is achievement or the constant push for what is next exhausting you? Are you tired of trying so damn hard to win, to matter, to be relevant? Well, thi...
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A Morning Reset

Enjoy this short reset to come home to yourself. Use it to start your day or end your day. A moment to take a break from our needs and desires. From o...
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S2E15: The Journey to Self-Respect

I truly believe the journey to self-respect is one of the most powerful adventures we can embark on. And one of the most important. In this special ep...
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