DVD podBLAST | 2012

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Season Five of DVD podBLAST Alternative DVD Commentary. Download the BLASTs, sync them up with the DVD, then kick back and enjoy the movie as no one ever has. Find us on Facebook and Twitter (@dvdpodblast) and keep up with the madness.

Apollo 18

DOWNLOAD Wow. This one is up there. Bad. Like The Brothers Solomon bad. SPOILER ALERT: Moon rock spiders. MOON ROCK SPIDERS.
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Sucker Punch

DOWNLOAD Darren and Mike surprise Bill for this birthday, but Bill is the one with the REAL surprise. Oh yeah, also, a movie - visually appealing, oth...
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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

DOWNLOAD We like to find SOMETHING redeeming about every move we BLAST. The most redeeming part of this movie was the Casa Bianca pizza pre-BLAST, the...
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Conan the Barbarian (2011)

DOWNLOADSome things are better just left alone.  Conan the Barbarian is one of them.The movie, that is.Well, the actual barbarian named Conan is proba...
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Season of the Witch

DOWNLOAD Hey everybody!  2012 has ... ahem... started, and we are BLASTing the worst of 2011.The first one to get it is "Season of the Witch" starring...
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