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Spokane's #1 Movie Review Podcast Team.Terribly assembled movie reviews done by two commoners Dylan and Tommy. Dylan has an addiction of buying physical copies of movies only to use the digital codes and can cook minute rice in a mere 52 seconds. Tommy posses an growing library of 500+ films and an uncanny ability to stand very still and silent when provoked causing 11/10 predators to leave him be. Between the two Dylan attempts to get through each weekly episode without offending half the listeners, and Tommy is there to keep Dylan in check and perform damage control.

Season 2 - Episode 10: SCOOB!

When you put a exclamation point at the end of a movie title, you will generally get our attention.It's hard to find anyone that doesn't like Scooby D...
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Real Talk 2

Our first real talk episode was so popular we made a second one. Just Dylan and Tommy talking about something besides movies. Current world events, pe...
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Season 2 - Episode 8: Uncut Gems

This week lets get back into the groove of some mainstream releases. In what feels like forever ago, Adam Sandler finally pops back up again to be in ...
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