Dylan' With Life

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Dylan dealing with all aspects of life. Growing older, relationships, career, mental health, philosophy, current events, music, sports, technology, the future, the past, and everything in between all while mixing in humour and authenticity to help you look at and deal with life in a different way.

DWL Ep.22. The Nicotine Laws

Coming back to where you started is not the same as never leaving. - Terry Pratchett. This quote has been providing me much needed solace from the ide...
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DWL Ep.21. Authority

The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even...
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DWL Ep.20. Brunch

How long do I think I could go without conversing with another human? What is the longest I've gone at this point in my life. Would that lead to a men...
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DWL Ep.19. Habits

Quitting things cold turkey is more effective instead of easing as it doesn't allow for you to continue your bad habits. Everyone should be rocking in...
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DWL Ep.18. Communication

I don't communicate very well, I also never wear socks whilst podcasting... Smile. This Episodes recommendation is The Social Dilemma documentary on N...
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DWL Ep.16. Sometimes It Rains

Goodnight Moon is a terrifying book.When are our phones no longer phones? Australian wildfires - WW3 - Kobe - Covid-19 ----- aliens and resurrection? ...
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DWL Ep.15. Perspective and Guilt

The opening was some excerpts from  Sam Harris' "Death and the Present Moment" speech which can be found on Youtube. Reflect on the past but don't sta...
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DWL Ep.14. Eggs and Capitalism

The Egg by Andy Weir - http://www.galactanet.com/oneoff/theegg_mod.html Yoga has been a relaxing and fulfilling activity during quarantine, and I thin...
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DWL Ep.13. Quarantine Pt. 2

As the beers go down, so does the quality? Or does the quality get better? You decide. I hope you get some comedic relief out of this in these strange...
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