Earth Energy Forecast

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Keep current with the latest Earth changes and pole movement, the science behind the changes, world changes, solar activity, aberrant weather patterns, astrological impacts, my intuitive insights as to the current energy, ways to ride the waves of change and live more consciously, how these changes are affecting us, and what we can do to affect positive change.

Envisioning a New Earth

Joan Cerio summarizes many of the past shows that foretell even greater changes and challenges for Earth and announces her new show, Envsioning a New ...
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What's Next?

I will discuss the future of my work, the show, and what may lie ahead for the rest of 2020. Joan Cerio is a visionary, author, and transformational c...
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The Rise of Humanity

Joan Cerio welcomes back psychic and transformational healer Maya Starhawk who will talk about the Great Awakening on Earth that has been prophesied b...
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