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What is easterbennett

What God faces

We all have or will come face to face with darkness. God dealt with it too! Genesis 1:2 tells us Darkness faced the Deep and the Spirit of God faced t...
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Amber Parker

Mom of 4 beautiful girls who is devoting her experiences to the Lord by way of a nonprofit: Women of Virtue; which brings awareness and free counselin...
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Whose Your Daddy

Is there really a difference between a Dad and a Father? And how do I grow a better relationship with the Creator of the world? Well God created fathe...
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Faith Activation

My husband and I discussing out Bible study based on Matthew 9. This was such a great reminder of God's security and promises by faith.
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Got the gifts. What's next?

If you haven't taken a spiritual gifts test yet, I strongly encourage it. It builds up so much self love, security, and understanding of God's design ...
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