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East Amwell Township School's Morning Announcements

EAtv for Tuesday 6/23

This is it, our last show for the 2008- 2009 school year.  We wish our graduating 8th graders the best of luck in all of their endeavors, and hope eve...
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EAtv for Monday 6/22

Today the 8th graders are back for their final appearances on EAtv, and Brett has our Student Council Results for the 2009- 2010 school year.  Congrat...
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EAtv for Friday 6/19

Cyclone Kyle has our Father's Day forecast and Sunny Day Steph has our Intellectual Devotional on school.
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EAtv for Wednesday 6/17

Extra Innings Erin has some more wacky sports news, and Student Council candidates for treasurer, secretary and president deliver their speeches live ...
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EAtv for Tuesday 6/16

Extra Innings Erin has some wacky sports news to share, and Student Council candidates for Vice President deliver their speeches live on air.
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